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The world is changing at a breakneck speed: Rapid innovation and urbanisation alongside simultaneous resource abundance and scarcity in global economies have created substantial changes within society, and with how we make places and spaces. These shifts will continue to change the way we live and work. 

At the core of my work is the investigation of the interplay of human and non-humans bodies. It is an emergent process that leads to the formation of spaces, and the relationship between humans and those spaces. This is an interplay of forces, a movement that forms the places we live in and move through. It is a process that contains the opportunity for destruction but also for creation. Here order is created in between randomness and uncertainty. This happens not by holding on to certainties, but by developing and adapting the way we work and think.

Art and design are two disciplines that help humanity make sense of their surroundings, see possible futures not yet imagined, and forge these possibilities into realities. My work helps to navigate a way through these seas of complexity. This website is a portfolio of my work as a creative practitioner. It documents the contributions I have made and continue to make in the interdisciplinary field of spatial practice.

If you have any queries, if you want to send me something great to look at, if you want to work together, if you want to buy something, or if you want to just say “hi”, please drop me a line.

If you have any queries, if you want to send me something great to look at, if you want to work together, if you want to buy something, or if you want to just say “hi”, please drop me a line.

Paintings, sculpture, and prints offer a way to think about, feel through, and create instances of movement in the world. My artwork are formal arrangements of observed or hypothetical moments from complex environments. These works come together in installations: meaning is created between the relationship of works through an emergent viewing experience that involves the viewer. My investigation through art is in the movements that make urban-rural environments, the humans relation to notions of nature and artifice, and the inherent uncertainty of interaction in the world of moving bodies.

Undertaking a design process is unlike art processes. Design creates meaning but exists to solve problems. Design offers a way to influence the experience a user with an product, service or organisation. My design work is influenced by my knowledge and experience in art, visual, spatial, graphic and web design, research, facilitation, consultation, project conceptualisation, and project implementation. The people I work with and think with are artists, designers, product owners, town planners, sociologists, anthropologists, public health researchers, and activists. My contributions are driven from out of my exprience in the arts, design and research.

Writing is an important aspect of the reflexive praxis of my working life. All of my projects have incorporated practice-based research within the process in some way or another, and I have explored the practice-based research through a written theoretical capacity in some of them. This has been critical in explicating the contextual and conceptual underpinnings of my work. This body of words consists of project reports, dissertations, blog entries, and courses. It is a step removed from working in a specific art or design project, but it provides insights into my art, design, and research.

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