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Through art we experience the world anew sometimes seeing details that were previously unseen or learning something previously unknown. Art has this ability to provoke questions and make us see the world in ways we didn’t see it before because it is situated in places and contexts, brimming with meaning emanating from the artwork, and imbued with the meaning we bring to it or create out of it. It entails a materially embedded thinking and feeling process.

My works have over a period of time consistently looked at the formation of urban environments. I look a the complex relationships of many different bodies, and how we as humans navigate through these systems. The work is a way to think through some of the uncertain and ever changing relationships between people, animals, vegetation, objects, and the built environment.

Artmaking is a tool to think about and move through the unpredictability and uncertainty of life. Working across various modalities, for instance, painting, drawing, photography, video recordings, conversations with people, and site-specific interactions, enables me to explore meaning in the relationships between works. My installations and combinations of works of art become moments to explore relationships of bodies at the level of the artwork and of larger environments. These works pick up on the rhythms of past and perceived relationships of the world. They also stand as arts-based visual hypotheses of new relationships in the world.

Individual artwork: Available artwork and lists of all completed paintings and prints

Paintings (2008 – 2017)

When painting, one applies paint to a support, using a range off tools, like brushes, knives, rags, sponges and so…

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Prints (2012 – 2017)

The printmaking process is based on the principle of transferring ink from one marked surface to a receiving surface, thereby…

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Available Artwork

The formal aspects of the work entail a movement between the painterly and the linear, and between opacities and translucencies.…

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Installations, exhibitions and studio practice: Environments, movement, complexity, making-thinking

Interruption: Imaging a sense of place (2018)

Interruption: Imaging a Sense of Place August 2018, David Krut Projects, Montebello Design Centre, Cape Town Curated by Elize De…

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Movement and its limitation within an environment (2017)

Movement and its limitation within an environment August 2017, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg

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In interruption there is life (2015)

Towards Intersections: Negotiating Subjects, Objects and Contexts May 2015, UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria Curated by Thembinkosi Goniwe

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Pendent: Undecided, but waiting on top of an overhang (2015)

Transitions at the Post Office 22 Solomon Street, Vrededorp, Johannesburg Curated by Danny Myburgh and Richard Forbes

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Outflow: Planned or unplanned, but turbulent (2015)

Introspection . . . Where Art Thou May 2015, Point of Order, University of the Witwatersrand Curated by Ruzy Rusike

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Chaos and turbulence in a moment of change (2015)

Along the line March 2015, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg Curated by Amé Bell and Elzette De Beer

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Painterly accumulations off the wall (2014)

Painterly accumulations off the wall July 2014, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg

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An uncertain encounter outside a corner shop (2013)

An uncertain encounter outside a corner shop April 2013, Parts & Labour, Johannesburg

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Some combinations in a complex environment (2012)

Some combinations August 2012, Substation Gallery, University of the Witwatersrand

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Machine (2011)

Process This: Wits MAFA Show July 2011, Michaelis Gallery, University of Cape Town Curated by Naadira Patel

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Jeppe street story project shop area map (2011)

Jeppe Stret Map December 2011, Africa Mall, Johannesburg

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Environments (2009)

Environments November 2009, Martienssen Gallery, University of the Witwatersrand

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Nature and Artifice (2008)

Nature and Artifice November 2008, WITS Gate House, University of the Witwatersrand

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