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All of my projects have incorporated practice-based research within the process in some way or another, and I have explored the practice-based research through a written theoretical capacity in some of them. The writing and reflecting has been critical in explicating the contextual and conceptual underpinnings of my work.

The body of words collected here comprises of project reports, dissertations, and blog posts. The pieces are a step removed from working in a specific art or design project, but it provides insights into my art, design, and research. For instance, I touched on much of my knowledge areas in a course I developed for architecture students. The course is built around the notions of interdisciplinarity, design, and presentation. The learning materials pull together my experience in art and design, some of my studies in business management and work as a freelance designer, and my work with social scientists on arts-based research projects. The pages related to MoVE covers some of my thinking while working on arts-based projects as a workshop designer and facilitator alongside a sociologist and migration researcher. There are also pages for dissertations, and for my art practice.

This section is still under development, and many aspects of my praxis that I have not extensively written about yet, or have not yet incorporated here. Writing is an important aspect of the praxis of my working life, and this section will continue to expand as time and my practice unfolds.

Research and lecturing: Writing about design and arts-based social research methodology and output

Course development and lecturing: Improving problem-solving ability in designers and spatial practitioners (2017-2019)

At the heart of design is a curiosity in the world, and the will to identify, and solve problems. Drawing-making-talking…

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Reflections on theoretical dimensions of the MoVE Project (2015 – 2019)

Over the last several years I have worked on a number of arts-based research projects. These projects participatory arts-based methods…

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Research on method and methodology in Volume 44 (2013 – 2014)

Volume 44 was a participatory photography project produced with migrant men, women and transgender sex workers in Johannesburg and Musina.…

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Masters research project, titled Some Combinations: Praxis, Multimodal Art Research, and Complex Environments (2010 – 2014)

My Master's Degree in Fine Arts was taken at the University of the Witwatersrand. For this degree, I developed a…

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Jeppe street story project shop area map (2011)

Jeppe Stret Map December 2011, Africa Mall, Johannesburg

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