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Interruption: Imaging a Sense of Place
August 2018, David Krut Projects, Montebello Design Centre, Cape Town
Curated by Elize De Beer
Exhibition documentation by Elize De Beer

What happens when human and non-human bodies interrupt one another? Forces clash and they shape or re-shape parts of our experienced world. My work explores the moment when objects, plants, animals and people interact in a complex dance, and cause an interruption in the relationship that existed before. This interruption means that a body is taking a position, often beyond language, but always through a relationship of affect on the body. Capturing this moment in a work of art can give the artist – and the viewer – access to the lived and sensed quality of places. Sometimes the work stirs a memory of something familiar, and sometimes a sense of encountering something previously unknown.

This exhibition was curated by Elize De Beer, and including paintings and sketches, alongside editioned prints which were made in collaboration with David Krut Workshop. This selection of works presents a progression of my practice over a period of three years.

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