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Painterly accumulations off the wall
July 2014, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg

Paintings have the ability to make you recognise an aspect of the world. It is a recognition that is beyond a recollection. It is recognising something even if you have never experienced it before. I understand painting as a relationship between bodies. Painting is involved in a positioning in the world between bodies. Painting is a way of moving, combined with making and thinking. A painting has extension in the world, it is an object that takes a place in the world. Paintings and how paintings come together, very tentatively written, might be ways to work with the multiplicity and the uncertainty that is part of all assemblages.

Painterly accumulations off the wall was a compound of paintings, wood, plastic and sundries. I presented a hypothetical collection of geographically dispersed incidents: the volatile and unpredictable interaction between human and non-human bodies.

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