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Money, proxies, and participation

Showing support for this project or not seemed to be a contentious issue in the area. The general response to this project was disregard and disinterest to our presence. The traders and business owners make money, not art projects. This need to earn a living, to make deals and conserve connections produced a strong opposition to our presence. As mentioned, several rumours were spread about our research. The rumour that we were spies for Wallmart plays into this need to conserve and protect business. Kreutzfeldt ascertained that these rumours were connected to a DVD which was circulated in the area about the Illuminati. There seems, however, that as much as deal-making, secrecy and the news of hear-say is a way to construct a livable life away from the certainties of family and the securities of permanent residence. This constant interplay between rumour and secrecy becomes apparent and is taken to extremes in the protection of assets, particularly money. Whereas products may be traced, I was told that because money looks the same in everyone’s wallet, it can easily disappear without a trace.

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