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Artwork, exhibitions and studio practice

Art-making and consumption entail materially embedded thinking and feeling processes.  Through art we experience the world anew, sometimes seeing details that were previously unseen, or learning something previously unknown. My work looks at the formation of environments and of cities.…

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Research, lecturing and studies

Writing is an important aspect of the reflexive praxis of my working life. All of my projects have incorporated practice-based research within the process in some way or another, and I have explored the practice-based research through a written theoretical…

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MoVE, Participation, and Partnerships

In the introduction of the Handbook of Arts-Based Research Patricia Leavy (2017) lists various properties of arts-based research. One of these properties is that arts-based research methods are open to participation. Arts-based research methods, and the projects they occur within, require participation.…

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Paintings and Sculpture

For the last few years I have been working with an idea that while paintings can relay a subject matter through an image, they are also bodies that have an influence on the bodies around them. In this sense I…

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