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Social research is intended, in some way or another, for public consumption. Social research projects (like Bua Modiri, Nelspruit Poster Project, the Zine Project, and Stitching My [HIV] Story Activst Quilt project) are often designed to communicate with publics. Exhibitions are a great way to engage people. Exhibition can be considered an activity that intersects with the world, sometimes galleries, but often not. Exhibition involves some kind of showing and interaction. These are designed interventions that take a position in the world. While the design can be focussed on creating a controlled environment, the design can also create an environment that allows for emergent interaction to create the meaning. Exhibition, therefore, also has to do with messaging, what is said or hidden, and the choices regarding the design of the project and the project’s output. The media through which this message is mediated, then, can include galleries, symposiums, publications, and marches, and protests, and meetings, and many more different types media and modes. Exhibitions of all types happen at a local level, they are micro-interventions, but they link to places beyond the local. These local events, for instance, draw things together from afar, and they can reach a wider audienceand when they feed into research, advocacy, and social media. It is critical, therefore, to consider the audience of an exhibition when designing specific relationships of concepts, objects, and processes.

Curatorial Advisory Services on Indumba Yolwazi: A Place for Sacred Knowledge (2019)

I offered creative consultation services to the Creative Change Laboratory (CCoLAB) in which I helped the project members curate and…

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MoVE Journey Exhibition: Creating a space for a symposium and a report launch (2019)

The African Centre for Migration and Society wanted to have an exhibition accompany two majour public events in its calendar:…

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Artifact and Research: Two Arts-Based Projects (2017)

In the MoVE 2017 Exhibition, we featured two different arts-based MoVE projects: the Nelspruit Poster Project, which is a project…

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The HIV Quilts, and exploring what exhibition might mean (2016)

In 2016 Katlego Rasebitse, asked MoVE collaborators to assist the facilitation of a quilt-making process for an advocacy project. With…

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MoVE 2016: Showcasing of New Work (2016)

In on Wednesday 9 March 2016 the MoVE Project of the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) had an…

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MoVE Launch Exhibition (2015)

The MoVE Project was formalised in 2015 after a realisation at the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) that…

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