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The MoVE Project was formalised in 2015 after a realisation at the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) that since 2006 there had been a growing number of projects exploring creative methodologies alongside more traditional qualitative research methods in social science research. These projects were banded together to create a body of work which could grow into new projects. These projects question what knowledge is, how it is produced, and by who it is produced. Migrants groups are the partners within these projects. These groups have included informal settlement residents, inner-city migrants and hostel residents, LGBTIQ asylum seekers, and migrant men, women and transgender persons engaged in the sex industry.

Public engagement is a central feature of projects within MoVE. Past projects have culminated in a range of research and advocacy outputs, including community-based exhibitions, public exhibitions, engagement with officials and outreach into multi-media forums. The MoVE Launch exhibition was located in the centre of Johannesburg City, at a cafe and exhibition space called Boundless City. The exhibition was conceptualised as a visual and interactive element within a public space. We had posters, original artworks, and portfolios of visual and narrative production. You can view the Facebook event page here.

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