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Available Artwork

The formal aspects of the work entail a movement between the painterly and the linear, and between opacities and translucencies. The paintings and prints are colourful, layered and bold. The works are highly structured, but gain this structure through an…

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Artwork, exhibitions and studio practice

Art-making and consumption entail materially embedded thinking and feeling processes.  Through art we experience the world anew, sometimes seeing details that were previously unseen, or learning something previously unknown. My work looks at the formation of environments and of cities.…

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Paintings (2008 – 2017)

When painting, one applies paint to a support, using a range off tools, like brushes, knives, rags, sponges and so forth. It is a very hands on endeavour. Painting is built around knowing when to control the results of movements…

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Prints (2012 – 2017)

The printmaking process is based on the principle of transferring ink from one marked surface to a receiving surface, thereby creating an image. This transferral is achieved through the application of controlled pressure. Most printmaking techniques allow for the reproduction…

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Artistic production and place making

Aspects of my methodological position are informed by ideas within the discourse which arises in the conjunction of art and research. There is currently much theorisation relating to art making, thinking processes, affect, and how artists work with concepts and…

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